We wouldn't be 100 without your support!

Which is why we're giving away $100 in credit as a little thank you.

Simply activate your online business account and make your first purchase of $500 or more.*

Why activate your online business account?

Order 24/7 for next-day delivery & get access to:
1) Webshop
2) Mobile APP
3) Complementary Contractors eBusiness Solutions

Keeping your business running faster and easier.

Our Online Tools

With your online business account, you can: Check stock

  • View order history
  • Order for in-store-pickup or next-day-delivery 
Contractor eBusiness Solutions

Get access to our complementary Contractors eBusiness Solutions by just activating your online account. Like Job Builder, build quotes for your clients by selecting SESCO products, adding margins and other costs, and share as a PDF. Job approved? Order everything with one click.

Sesco App

Experience all that the webshop has to offer in the palm of your hand! You can now use your camera to scan and search products with the app. 

*$100 Anniversary Giveaway Terms & Condition

To Qualify:
1. Having been a SESCO business customer for a minimum of one year with a credit application duly signed.
2. Minimum purchase history of $1000 per year before taxes in 2021.
3. Activating an online SESCO business account for the first time on March 15, 2022, or later and on or before June 30, 2022.
4. A minimum of $500 before taxes must be purchased using your SESCO business online account within 30 days of activation.

Purchasing Terms:
This promotion does not apply to the following product categories:

1. Conduits Wire
2. Cable Alarms
3. Transformations Deals
4. Clearance items

Other Terms and Conditions:
1. The reward consists of one-time credit of $100 per qualifying business account.
2. Applicants must be Ontario residents aged 18+
3. $100 credit is not transferable and cannot be converted into cash.
4. The credit will automatically be applied to your SESCO business account 3 months after the necessary $500 purchase is completed online and the products have not been returned.
5. Terms and conditions subject to change upon SESCO management discretion.

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