All You’ll Ever Need

Speed and unmatched flexibility make ChargePoint’s Home Flex the most advanced home charger on the market. From 16 to 50 amps, adjustable amperage supports the charging needs of any EV and can be matched to any home’s electrical supply. Save money on electrical upgrades by picking the top charging speed that works with your setup, while allowing for support of increased electrical supply well into the future.

Smart Home Charging

Flex’s smart and connected design gives drivers convenient home charging management in one place, making owning an EV even easier. Schedule charging, set plug-in reminders, track home charging, and more all from the ChargePoint app (Available on iOS and Android). Ask Alexa to, “Start charging”, check your status or tell you how many miles of range you’ve added this month. When connected to Wi-Fi, drivers can get the latest software upgrades instantly, without the hassle of replacing hardware when new features become available. 

Install Once, Charge Forever

No matter what you drive or how much space is available in your electrical panel, ChargePoint Home Flex is the right fit. 

Any electrician can install Home Flex indoors or out using a NEMA 6-50 plug, 14-50 plug or hardwired connection. Simply set the appropriate charging speed in the app — up to 50 amps (hardwired installation required for 48A, 50A charging). 

The 23-foot charging cable can reach any parking configuration. 

Click here for more installation resources.

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