Force Majeure
Important Notice Regarding COVID-19 Impact on the Supply Chain

As a distributor, Sesco, division of Sonepar Canada Inc. (“Sesco”) does not manufacture any of the products that we sell. The availability and continuity of such products is therefore entirely dependent on the vendors and manufacturers from which we supply ourselves. Although the full impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain remains unclear at this point, any product delays or shortages that may be suffered as a result of COVID-19, or any impact the current situation may have on our performance obligations, will be treated as a force majeure event. Accordingly, no liability shall attach against Sesco on account of any product delays or shortages, or inability to perform, that may be suffered as a result of COVID-19. By submitting a purchase order to Sesco, you agree to accept any partial or late delivery, shipment and/or performance on the part of Sesco and hold us harmless from any liability that may result thereof.

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