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INSTALLATION TIPS For Kidde P4010ACLEDSCA (2-in-1) & P4010ACLEDSCOCA (3-in-1) Strobe Alarms 1. We recommend units be activated first thing out of the box. ROTATE THE UNIT FULLY onto the mounting bracket first, which will automatically activate the 10-year sealed battery backup.

Over the past year, ESA inspectors have identified more than 1,400 defects related to the requirement for arc fault protection of receptacles. Arc faults are a leading cause of fires in homes. In fact, reports estimate that 50 to 75 per cent of all electrical house fires in the United States are caused by arc fault conditions.

The Siemens Advantage That Helps You Stay Up To Code Siemens Combination Type AFCI breakers provides both series and parallel protection to the entire branch circuit wiring including cord sets and power supply cords connected to the outlets, against the unwanted effects of arcing .