KIDDE Installation Tips


For Kidde P4010ACLEDSCA (2-in-1) &

P4010ACLEDSCOCA (3-in-1) Strobe Alarms

1. We recommend units be activated first thing out of the box. ROTATE THE UNIT FULLY onto the mounting bracket first, which will automatically activate the 10-year sealed battery backup. When fully rotated, you will hear a long “beep”, followed by a verbal message to press the Test button. NOTE: Attaching AC power first, without using or fully rotating the mounting bracket, will result in a low battery chirp, and voice message “Low Battery. Pile Faible.” IMPORTANT: Strobe will not flash without AC power.

2. DUST PROTECTION STRIP – The units are now shipping with a new red dust protection strip to help to prevent dust particles from entering the alarm. IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE DUST PROTECTION STRIP UNTIL ALL CONSTRUCTION IS COMPLETE. IT MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO OCCUPANCY.

3. “3 FOOT (0.9M) RULE”. Per the product manual: “DO NOT INSTALL WITHIN 3’ (0.9M) OF THE FOLLOWING: The door to a kitchen, or a bathroom that contains a tub or shower, forced air supply ducts used for heating or cooling, ceiling or whole house ventilating fans, or other high air-flow areas.” (i.e. a cold air return). Also, when installing on vaulted ceiling, edge of unit must be at least 3 feet from peak – see actual placement diagram in user guide.

4. Install AT LEAST 12” (30.5 cm) AWAY FROM FLUORESCENT LIGHTS as electronic noise may cause nuisance alarms.

Please take a few minutes to read the user guide (included in each package) for more information.

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