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The Siemens Advantage That Helps You Stay Up To Code

Siemens QA115AFC AFCI breakerSiemens Combination Type AFCI breakers provides both series and parallel protection to the entire branch circuit wiring including cord sets and power supply cords connected to the outlets, against the unwanted effects of arcing .Plus they feature industry exclusive LED lights to indicate type of trip.

The 2015 Canadian Electrical Code 26-724(f) requirements for AFCI Protection states that branch circuits for dwelling units that supply 125 volt receptacles rated 20A or less shall be protected by a combination type arc fault circuit interrupter except for branch circuits supplying receptacles installed in accordance with 26- 710(f); and 26-712(d)(i), (iii), (iv) and (v).

Part Number: SIEQA115AFC



Arc Faults Can Happen Anywhere

ACFI Receptacle

The SmartlockPro® Outlet Branch Circuit (OBC) AFCI Receptacle helps protect against electrical fires resulting from arc-faults.

Designed to detect a wide range of potentially hazardous arc-faults resulting from damage in branch circuit wiring as well as extensions to branches such as appliances and cord sets, the OBC AFCI responds by interrupting power. This helps reduce the likelihood of the home’s electrical system being the ignition source of a fire.

Often unseen, arc-faults can occur anywhere in the home’s electrical system including within walls, at loose electrical connections or within electrical cords accidentally damaged by daily uses, impinging furniture, and traffic.

Rule 26-720 defines an Outlet Branch-Circuit-Type AFCI – a device that provides both series and parallel arc-fault protection to downstream branch circuit wiring, cord sets, and power supply cords against the unwanted effects of arcing and also provides series arc-fault protection to upstream branch circuit wiring.

The new CE Code Rule 260724 (g) allows the use of an Outlet Branch-Circuit Type arc-fault circuit interrupter (OBC AFCI) instead of the Combination circuit breaker type required with Rule 26-724 (f), provided that the OBC AFCI is installed at the first outlet on the branch circuit and the wiring method for the portion of the branch circuit between the branch-circuit overcurrent device and the first outlet is comprised of metal raceway, armoured cable, or non-metallic conduit or tubing.

Part Number: 15 AMP – LEVAFTR1W, 20 AMP – LEVAFTR2W


We’ve Got Talking Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms From Kidde!


This 120V wire-in interconnectable Smoke/CO alarm detects both fire and carbon monoxide dangers and features a front-loading battery backup, allowing you to easily change batteries without having to remove the unit from the ceiling.

The new Ontario Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law makes carbon monoxide alarms mandatory in all Ontario homes at risk of CO. After April 15, 2015, buildings with less than six residential units must obey the bylaw or risk penalties.

Part Number: KID9000119



The Ontario Building Code For Smoke Alarms Has Changed. Are You Prepared?


Kidde offers an all-in-one wire-IN SMOKE/STROBE alarm with temporal patterns, visual & voice warnings and a 10 YEAR sealed lithium battery backup.

With the ability to interconnect with up to 24 other Kidde devices, including a carbon monoxide alarm, contractors, save time and money when using Kidde.

In effect since Jan 1, 2015, Article of the Ontario Building Code now states that smoke alarms shall have a visual signalling component conforming to the requirements in 18.5.3 (Light, Colour and Pulse Characteristics of NFPA 72) of the “National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code”.

Part Number: KIDP4010ACLEDSCA