PHOENIX 2938578 QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/2.5

Price $759.38 / EA
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Manufacturer #:2938578


Power supply unit QUINT-PS-100-240AC/24DC/2.5. 0.2 to 2.5 mm² cross section. Pluggable screw connection. DIN rail mounting. Primary switched-mode, 1-phase. QUINT POWER is the powerful power supply unit for universal use. With its wide-range input, single and three-phase versions and international approval package, this solution is unrivalled. QUINT POWER provides reliable power supply: generously dimensioned capacitors ensure mains buffering of over 20 ms at full load. Full output power is provided by all three-phase devices, even in the event of a permanent phase failure. The power boost power reserve easily starts loads with high inrush currents and ensures that fuses are reliably tripped. Preventive function monitoring diagnoses impermissible operating states and minimizes downtimes in system. Remote monitoring is provided by an active transistor switching output and a floating relay contact. Power supply units for use in Ex-zone 2, uninterruptible solutions, AS-I power supply units and a QUINT diode complete this comprehensive product range.


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