Digital Solutions from SESCO

Buying from SESCO is easier than ever before! We have a variety of different options that can work for you.

#1 – Shop Online any time!

  • Open 24/7, you can browse our inventory, add to cart and check out whenever you want!
  • Reduce your wait time at the counter by placing your order online for pick up.
  • Review your account history, past purchases and more
  • Check stock and availability at any of our SESCO locations

Already registered for an online account? Start shopping today!

#2 – Use eLink to send your Purchase Orders directly to our system!

Using eLink, an email order entry system, you can email your Purchase Orders to us and your order will be automatically mapped to our system. Simply email your PO any time, 7 days a week! Attach your PDF, Word or Excel file to your email and your order is accurately mapped to our system. You can even use your own part numbers!

Benefits to using eLink include:

  • Eliminate phone calls, faxes and duplicate data entry
  • Transmit requests with speed and accuracy
  • Use your part numbers to place orders
  • Instantly confirm that your order has been placed
  • Send your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

#3 – Link your system to ours using EDI!

Place an order with SESCO directly from your ERP system using a Punchout.

How Does Punchout work?

  • We ‘Punch Out’ a SESCO button into your system which enables you to shop directly on our website
  • The PO is created in your system and sent directly into ours