Streamlined Solutions for Every Application

At SESCO, we are not just industry leaders providing great products; we are a technical resource offering solutions. We take the time to understand your application requirements, logistical limitations and installation practices so that we can tailor a solution that fits your specific needs. We work closely with our vendor partners and our solutions team to identify ways that we can help reduce your labour costs and ease onsite receiving. From phase taped circuits, tagging reels, running parallels and adding pulling eyes, our services support you through soft cost savings. No project is too big or small. With our technical staff and comprehensive project management team, we ensure your experience with us is seamless.

Industries We Serve
Cable Services & Solutions

Seamless Solutions for Major Projects

Our Major Projects Group ensures a hassle-free experience from initiation to close-out, offering tailored cable solutions and streamlined project coordination. Supported by a global network of strategic partners and longstanding vendor relationships, our industry-leading team takes care of every detail—from drawing and scheduling to delivery, billing and beyond. Trust in SESCO-specific tools and processes to guide your project with precision and reliability.


Enhance efficiencies and control costs – Let us assist in minimizing carrying costs, freeing up valuable warehouse space and eliminating waste by ensuring the delivery of exactly what you need, precisely when it's needed.

Expert Technical Support

Tap into the expertise of our Wire, Cable and Conduit Specialists for tailored cabling solutions. Whether you're seeking technical advice, sourcing unique products or navigating pricing and procurement, our specialists enhance project planning and execution. For the right cables and accessories, contact us with your specific project requirements. Our centralized purchasing and product management group, backed by engineering support and our Major Projects Group, swiftly creates reliable solutions aligned with your technical specifications.

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