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Welcome to SESCO – Ontario's premier full-line electrical distributor and a proud member of the Sonepar family. For over nine decades, we've established a legacy of trust by delivering top-quality products and unparalleled customer service to trade professionals.

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Our Values

At SESCO, our beliefs and actions are rooted in values that serve as the foundation of our business mission. Our daily commitment is to simplify the lives of our customers, providing tailored products, efficient logistics and innovative solutions.

Customer-Centric Excellence

Customer-Centric Focus: We strive to deliver superior solutions by being close to and understanding our customers.

Simplicity Magic: We make customers' lives easier by embracing the magic of simplicity in everything we do.

Anticipate & Innovate: We proactively anticipate needs, consistently delivering enhanced benefits.

Committed to People & Planet

Celebrate Diversity & Inclusivity: We recognize that collective collaboration leads to superior solutions.

Build Lasting Relationships: Our foundation is built on long-term relationships founded on mutual respect.

Sustainable Champions: We actively champion sustainable practices, contributing to the clean energy transformation.

Lead By Example

Peak Performance: We consistently deliver our best performance in every aspect of our operations.

Integrity & Ethics: Doing what is right is non-negotiable; integrity and ethics form the bedrock of all our endeavours.

Inspiring Energy Transition: We actively encourage the energy transition, inspiring customers and co-workers to embrace positive change.

Will to Dare

Entrepreneurial Spirit: We bring an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving, fostering innovation in every challenge.

Boundary-Pushing: We dare to push boundaries to expedite the energy transformation process.

Constant Curiosity: We always question, always explore, maintaining an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

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