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Check Out RAB Strip Lights

RAB DESIGN 092862 Vapor Tight Fixture LED 120 - 277 V IP65


RAB DESIGN 092863 4' NARROW LINEAR LED 50K35W 4416LM 120-277V


RAB DESIGN 099755 LED STRIP 120-347V6976LM 30/40/50K 20-53W


What's Great About RAB Strip Lights?

Affordable LEDs with cutting edge design and quality

Energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable

Longer lifespan that provides significant savings on maintenance expenses

Easy installation for retrofits and new construction

*Terms and Condition

1. Valid only for qualified RAB-specific SKUs.
2. Purchase should have at least 4 of the select SKUs together.
3. One entry per qualified transaction.
4. Promo runs from November 1st - 30th.
5. Purchases should be made using online business account.
6. Customers must be Ontario residents aged 18+.
7. $500 gift card is not transferable and cannot be converted into cash.
8. Terms and conditions subject to change upon SESCO management discretion.

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