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SINAMICS Power Module PM240-2 unfiltered with integrated braking chopper 200-240 V 1/3AC+10/-10% 47-63Hz Power high overload: 0.55kW at 200% 3s, 150% 57s, 100% 240 s; Ambient temperature -10 to +50 °C; power low overload: 0.75kW at 150% 3s, 110% 57s, 100% 240 s; Ambient temperature -10 to +40 °C 196x 73x 165 (HxWxD), FSA Degree of protection IP20 without Control Unit and operating unit Released as of CU firmware Version V4.6 Power Module SINAMICS Power Module PM240-2 is the ideal Power Module for standard applications and machinery construction for modular SINAMICS G120 converters. As part of the modular SINAMICS G120 converter (comprising power unit, control unit, operator panel), PM240-2 Power Modules (degree of protection IP20) have a braking chopper (four-quadrant applications) and are ideally suited to address a wide range of applications in general machinery construction. Depending on the scope of the relevant application and safety requirement (for example, STO, SS1, SBC, SLS, SDI, SSM), the PM240-2 Power Module can be flexibly combined with various Control Units. Together with the CU230-2, CU240x-2, and CU250S-2 Control Units, this makes up the functional SINAMICS G120 frequency converter. The PM240-2 in degree of protection IP20 is a built-in unit for installation in control cabinets. It is available in a power range of 0.55 kW to 250 kW, as well as in three voltage versions 200 V, 400 V, and 690 V. The Power Modules are available in an unfiltered version or with an integrated line filter class A, and in seven frame sizes from FSA to FSG. The Power Module is also available as a push-through variant for the optimum dissipation of heat loss outside the control cabinet. These sizes also offer Safety Integrated. Cable lengths of up to 450 m (frame size FSF/FSG) are possible thanks to the rugged design. Shield plates and shield connection kits are available for use when wiring the device to ensure compliance with EMC guidelines. SINAMICS - simply my drive!


Brand Name Siemens Canada UPC 887621830908


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