PHOENIX 2708339 Fiber Optic Converter 60 VDC/42 VAC

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Manufacturer #:2708339


FO converters PSI-MOS-RS485W2/FO-850-E. With integrated optical diagnosis. Alarm contact, for RS-485 2-wire bus systems SUCONET K, modbus, NRZ coding. Terminal equipment with an FO interface, for HCS/fiber glass cable. Can be combined with the PSI copper repeater in a modular way using DIN rail connectors. Connections can be plugged in using a COMBICON screw terminal block. Supply voltage and data signals routed through via DIN rail connectors. Automatic data rate detection or fixed data rate setting via DIP switches. Redundant power supply possible by means of optional system power supply unit. Approved for use in zone-2. Intrinsically safe fiber optic interface for direct connection to devices in zone-1. Integrated optical diagnostics for continuous monitoring of fiber optic paths. Floating switch contact for leading alarm generation in relation to critical fiber optic paths. Suitable for data rates up to 500 kbps.


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