Level 3 "Fast" EV Charger 5 Years of Software Included

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Manufacturer #:CHACPE2505YEAR


High Power in a Small FootprintChargePoint® Express 250 is based on industry-leadingDC fast charging technology, engineered to fast chargecurrent and next-generation electric cars, buses and trucks.At the heart of each Express 250 are 2 self-contained, easilyswappable AC to DC Power Modules. This innovative designensures that in the rare instance one module goes down, thestation remains operational. It can be installed as a standalonestation or in a paired configuration providing up to25% more power than a 50kW station and 40% more witha paired configuration. When paired, smart power sharingand power allocation policies determine how much energyis allotted to each station in order to deliver flexible fastcharging to two vehicles at a time.Thoughtfully DesignedThe Express 250’s interactive LCD screen lets drivers easilyinteract with instructions, information or promotions. Awide-format LED display makes availability and statuseasy to see, even at a distance. Up to two connector typesallow charging of any electric vehicle and an advancedcable management system provides extra reach, whilekeeping cables off the ground. Fault-tolerant design,remote monitoring and intelligent diagnostics provideproactive alerts to prevent station outages, eliminatingdriver frustration.Smart & Fully SupportedBuilt-in cellular networking makes remote managementof the Express 250 easy. ChargePoint Cloud Services letsstation owners customize the stations to meet their specificrequirements, including setting pricing policies for publiccharging or making stations available to certain drivergroups such as employees only. Automatic softwareupgrades ensure the latest features are always available.The ChargePoint mobile app and in-dash systems tieeverything together: drivers can locate stations, instantlybegin charging, check their charging status, track theircharging activity over time and, depending on theconfiguration, get in line to charge at busy stations

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